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Today, the UK’s pharmaceutical industry is rightly regarded as a national success story, with a global reputation for the quality of its research and development; some of its largest companies are household names. However, the industry’s small and medium-sized companies are much less well-known, despite often being responsible for the most exciting science. These businesses represent the foundations on which the UK’s pharmaceutical sector rests but are often overlooked.

Our Process

We bring science and innovation together

Charnwood’s offering of discovery chemistry through to chemical development and onwards to early PRD is relatively unique in the market, the team work closely with Charnwood’s medicinal chemists to make sure clients plan ahead to scale up early in their programs and avoid potentially expensive bottlenecks in the step up from research to development and clinical trials.

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Our Values

“The company was launched on the premise that there was a real sea change taking place in the pharma industry, with the senior leaders of businesses waking up to the value of their data.”


Success requires talent with both of the technological expertise – particularly in fields such as data analytics and artificial intelligence – and pharma sector knowledge.


Harnessing their specialist experience and expertise – often earned over long careers in the sector – the entrepreneurial management teams running companies are delivering remarkable results.


The significant number of technology businesses are likely to increase in future rankings given the phenomenal rates of growth that innovative young companies are able to generate. The only question mark is how long some of these businesses will retain their independence


Specialists like Prescient Healthcare Group bring evidence-based design thinking and decision making to clinical and commercial strategy ensuring the scientific potential of a molecule is optimally translated into a value proposition that resonates with stakeholders as relevant, differentiated and meaningful.


Businesses such as Charnwood often operate very collaboratively, partnering with other preclinical CROs in adjacent disciplines so that clients have access to all the services they need from a collection of specialists rather than using a more generalist one-stop-shop.


The business’s success reflects its commitment to innovation. The Morningside team identifies niche molecules in a wide range of therapeutic areas, developing products which traditionally have been difficult to develop and enabling it to lead the market