Pharma is, by its very nature, a high-tech industry; new therapies and treatments are the products of cutting-edge science and advanced research and development.


“Our product is crucial in helping drug developers to deliver the best possible therapies and we can help them ensure their products successfully reach the market and patient every time.”

One such theme is the rise of innovative companies developing new products in generics and specialist pharma. These include Morningside Healthcare, this year’s category winner, as well as businesses such as Atnahs Pharma, Aspire Pharma, both of which are in the top ten constituents in the ranking, and Crescent Pharmaceuticals, a little further down.

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Manufacturing and agree commonalities, but I believe recombinant human albumin will have an integral role in scaling these products to be able to reach more patients globally

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We offer a suite of tools that enable companies to organise their data so that it is machine readable.

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The value of companies that can enable this transition is high. Last year saw Linguamatics, a similar business to SciBite and a previous Alantra Pharma Fast 50 constituent, acquired by the US contract research organisation IQVIA.